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In order to rapidly disseminate knowledge, the PMKT offers articles approved for publication in form of Ahead of Print.

This is a way to contribute to quickly dissemination of the author’s studies to the scientific community before of the complete edition.

The Ahead of Print is the early publication of the articles approved in triple blind review process.

The texts will be available in final format, i.e. after the spelling, grammar review and publishing completed.

Title: Evaluation of service quality and customer satisfaction of EDP Distribution with the supply of electricity
Título: Avaliação da qualidade do serviço e da satisfação dos clientes da EDP Distribuição com o fornecimento de energia elétrica
Authors: Manuel Afonso Machado, Mário João F. S. Basto, Manuel João Lemos de Sousa
Pages: 000-000

Title: The Institutionalization of Project Management in the Portfolio of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Command of the Navy of Brazil
Título: A Institucionalização da Gestão de Projetos no Portfólio de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação do Comando da Marinha do Brasil
Authors: Thiago Silva e Souza, Joaquim Filipe Ferraz Esteves Araujo
Pages: 000-000

Title: Belonging, camaraderie, and friendship on two wheels - Ethnographic experience in Rio Harley Owner ́s Group
Título: Pertencimento, camaradagem e amizade em duas rodas - Uma experiência etnográfica na Rio Harley Owner ́s Group
Authors: Eduardo Santos Rocha Zafaneli, Irene Raguenet Troccoli, Patricia Leite da Silva Scatulino
Pages: 000-000


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