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In order to rapidly disseminate knowledge, the PMKT offers articles approved for publication in form of Ahead of Print.

This is a way to contribute to quickly dissemination of the author’s studies to the scientific community before of the complete edition.

The Ahead of Print is the early publication of the articles approved in triple blind review process.

The texts will be available in final format, i.e. after the spelling, grammar review and publishing completed.

Title: Co-creation of higher education in Business Administration with Design Thinking tools support
Título: Cocriação do ensino superior de Administração suportada pela ferramenta Design Thinking
Authors: Larissa Medianeira Bolzan, Rogerio Leite Gonzales, Elaine Di Diego Antunes
Pages: 000-000

Title: Comparison between two formulas used for calculating the rate of engagement using based on the percentage of views and total fans
Título: Comparação entre duas fórmulas utilizadas para o cálculo da taxa de engajamento utilizando como base a porcentagem de visualizações e o total de fãs
Authors: Vilson Gil Pillat, Valdir Gil Pillat
Pages: 000-000


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