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v. 7 – n. 1 – APR. 2013

Marketing Arguments Used at Reports to Investors
Lilian Barros Pereira Campos / Nelson Reis Monteiro

Communication Marketing Practices for Children in Websites
Marcos Antonio de Andrade / Claudia Rosa Acevedo

Health Promotion Policies: Evaluation of the Costumer Profile and Satisfaction at the Viva Vida Center in Minas Gerais 
Arlete Aparecida de Abreu/ Janderson Vaz Martins/ Ricardo de Souza Sette

Analysis of Consumers Through ZMET Confirm Comfort and Safety Items as of the Preferred Choice of Car
Fabian Furlaneto/ Álvaro Machado Dias

Brazilian Population Segmentation
Rodrigo Otávio de Araújo Ribeiro/ Bruna Suzzara Bueno de Miranda/ Mariana Pereira Nunes/ Livia Gomes Cruz

Involvement Metrics in Neoconstructivist Society - A Culture of Engagement
Cinthya Pires de Oliveira 

Innovation in Financial Market through the Usage of Ethnographic Panel
Luciana Aguiar/ Camilo Tellez-Merchan/ Helen Wernik Nascimento/ Mario Mattos/ Suzana Amalfi/ Mariel Deak 

How to Seriously Damage a Segmentation Study: Use Factor Analysis as Input for Cluster Analysis
Luiz Sá Lucas/ Wagner Esteves/ Larissa Catalá

The Brand of the Distributor and the Consumer Behavior: the Influence of Price, Quality and Promotions in Buying Reports
Maria Zulmira Bessa Amorim Nascimento Cunha  

Measuring the Level of Engagement of Digital Magazine Readers
Andrea Costa Nascimento/ Diego Oliveira/ Fabricio Lima de Medeiros/ Karla Patriota Bronsztein  

Statistical Analysis of Users who Chatting about Beer on Twitter
Rodrigo Otávio de Araújo Ribeiro/ Tarsila Gomes Bello Tavares/ Daniel de Oliveira Cohen  


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